Born in the 2000 in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Came up with Ceylon herbal teas to give your life a gentle care with love. We are the first Ceylon herbal tea company which brings you the traditional goodness in a novel way for your busy lifestyle by using 100% natural herbs.
It’s natural. It’s organic.

Health is Wealth

A delicious herbal cup brings you those


Happy Face

That’s what we’re about; ‘Ceylon Herbal Cup’


Healthy life

It’s natural & It’s organic

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    Our beautiful & nutritious blends are made with the best natural ingredients we harvest from our own herbal gardens. And we taste each blend before we send them to your cup.
    We always make sure we are doing the best we can to make sure our valuable client is happy. Also we make sure the planet is happy too when we choose Tea, Herbs & Packing Materials.
    Because we love you & the planet more than earning money.